The enigma of Arabic and Hebrew Palladius

Peter E. Pormann,, Samuel Barry, Nicola Carpentieri, Elaine van Dalen, Kamran I. Karimullah, Taro Mimura, and Hammood Obaid (University of Manchester)

in Medical traditions : part I / Edited by Leigh Chipman, Peter E. Pormann, Miri Shefer-Mossensohn

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Scientific method in late-antique paganism : the (rational) empiricism of al-Filāḥa l-nabaṭiyya (The Nabatean Agriculture)

Elaine van Dalen, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, Columbia University

in Occult sciences and the transmission of knowledge in al-Andalus : a collection of essays from the PhilAnd Project / dossier thématique coordonné par Godefroid de Callataÿ

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in Oriens / Journal de la Société internationale d'études orientales = Journal of the International Society for Oriental Research : Zeitschrift der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Orientforschung : Milletlerarasi şark tetkikleri cemiyeti mecmuasi

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