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Tadhkira-yi Ṭāhir Īshān

The present study is intended to introduce and explore a hagiographical compendium known as the Tadhkira-yi Ṭāhir Īshān which was compiled in the middle of the eighteenth century in Khwarazm and Bukhara. Although this work has drawn minimal scholarly attention, it is a critical text for understanding the Naqshbandī history in Central Asia prior to the transformation of the local Sufi communities i... more

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The crisis of religious identity in sixteenth century Central Asia

The present study explores the centrality of ʿAlidism in the religious profile of a Sufi community active in the early sixteenth century in Mawarannahr, which was at the center of the ongoing major religio-political transformations in the aftermath of the decline of the Timurid dynasty. This community was led by a female Sufi master celebrated as Aghā-yi Buzurg (the Great Lady). The misfortunes fa... more

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