This online catalog gives you access to IDEO’s whole collection. It contains approximately 200,000 manifestation records and 90,000 authority records.


The data transfer from the former AlKindi 3 model to the new FRBR model implemented in AlKindi 4 led to some management decisions which have temporary consequences on the data. These consequences are minor and did not justify any delay in the release of AlKindi 4. Here are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind while doing your research.

Work duplications

Despite our best efforts, the data transfer from the version 3 to the version 4 of AlKindi created some duplications among titles at the work level. A systematic identification and elimination of the duplicates is currently under progress. There is still a lot to do. You will have to take this into account.

Authority duplications

You will also notice some duplicate authorities (author, editor, publishing house, donors…) We are also working on their identification and elimination.

Works and expressions’ dates

Assigning a date for works and expression is a cataloging innovation brought by FRBR. During the data transfer, we were obviously not able to check these dates. Work and expression dates have been assigned through an algorithm and the resulting dates are flagged by a question mark. Those approximations should disappear as cataloguing progresses.

Non-manifested works

In your search, you may come across works that do not have a manifestation. Their editorial status is labelled as “unknown”. This happens in two cases.

1) Transitional works: W1comments W* → comments W2. Work W* is not manifested. It is however useful to record it in order to explicit the relationship between W1 and W2.

2) Missing works: IDEO is currently hosting a research project called “Historic contextualisation of 200 Classical authors of the Islamic heritage”. For these 200 authors, you will find their complete bibliography, with a full list of works. Some of these works may be either lost, or not yet edited or the library does not hold a copy.