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al-Iġtibāṭ bi-maʿrifat man rumiya bi-l-iḫtilāṭ


Date of creation
  • 9th century   Hegirian
    15th century   Gregorian
Preferred title

al-Iġtibāṭ bi-maʿrifat man rumiya bi-l-iḫtilāṭ   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme

الاغتباط بمعرفة من رمي بالاختلاط   Arabic  

Variant title work
  • al-Iġtibāṭ bi-man rawā bi-l-iḫtilāṭ   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme
  • al-Iġtibāṭ bi-man rumiya bi-l-iḫtilāṭ   Arabic  IDEO-IFAO transliteration scheme
Work type Single work
Biographic work Collective biography
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious

Nature of content

تراجم وسير

Nature of content

Biographies des transmetteurs des traditions

Nature of content

Critical Biographies of Prophetic Traditions Narrators


الكتاب عبارة عن رسالة صغيرة رتبها المؤلف على حروف المعجم، ترجم فيها لعدد ممن خلطوا وتغيروا في آخر عمرهم من الرواة الثقات، إما لكبر سنه وخرفه، وإما لذهاب بصره، أو غير ذلك. وذكر الحكم فيهم أن يقبل ما أُخذ عنهم قبل الاختلاط، ولا يقبل ما أُخذ عنهم بعده، أو أُشكل أمره، فلم يدر هل أُخذ عنهم قبل الاختلاط أو بعده.


It's a concise treatise listing the narrators of the Prophetic Traditions who were described by "Iḫṭilāṭ" which is essentially mild cognitive or memory impairment which might have affected their reputation as trustworthy narrators of the Prophetic Traditions. The author also discussed how to deal with their narrations, whether to verify them if they were before they suffered this memory problems or whether we don't know exactly when this narrations were heard from them then we might not use them at all .etc.




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