Date of creation
  • 9th century   Hegirian
    14th century   Gregorian
Preferred title

مزيل الملام عن حكام الآنام   Arabic  

Work type Single work
Juridic work Legal work
Work manifested Early work
Work genre Textual work

Adult, serious

Nature of content

أدب القضاء


هذا العمل يدور حول أخلاقيات القضاة. يرشد ابن خلدون القاضي فيما يجب عليه فعله قبل مجلس القضاء وخلاله وبعده. وينبه ابن خلدون القاضي على وجوب الاستعانة بالله والاتصال به في مراحل القضاء الثلاث، وينبه على الحذر من الدنيا والحذر من اتخاذ القضاء طريقًا لجمع المال.


This work addresses the ethics of the judge. Ibn Ḫaldūn guides the judge in making a judiciary statement in a process of three phases: before the session, during the session and after the session. Ibn Ḫaldūn asserts that the judge should be faithful and clarified that judge’s faithful connection with God is indispensable for a right judgment. He also warns against using the judiciary as means toward making wealth.



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