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A fragment of a Judaeo-Arabic manuscript of Sābūr b. Sahl's al-Aqrābādhīn al- Ṣaghīr found in the Taylor-Schechter Cairo Genizah collection

Lev, Efraim, 1958‒

Chipman, Leigh N., 1972‒

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Sābūr ibn Sahl's Dispensatory in the recension of the ʿAḍudī Hospital

Kahl, Oliver

This book offers an Arabic edition and English translation of Sābūr ibn Sahl's (d. 869 CE) famous dispensatory as preserved in a recension made by the physicians of the ʿAḍudī hospital in Baghdad around the middle of the 11th century CE. Drawing on different exponents of Sābūr's original, the recension also constituted an attempt at revising the pharmacological material on empirical grounds. Editi... more

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