Derivative work  تاج العروس من جواهر القاموس, 1188 ( 1774 gregorian )  | 6


Ansāb al-ašrāf

al-Balāḏurī, Aḥmad ibn Yaḥyā, after 799‒892?

This book merges the genealogical report with the historical narrative. The author wrote the history based on the genealogical chain not on the usual chronological periodization. Yet, it is still divided into separate chapters. For that, it is more accurate to consider it a collection of genealogical reports that widely expanded to include historical, poetical and biographical reports.

before 279 before 892 Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 8

Relationships with other works | 18


ديوان الأدب

الفارابي، إسحاق بن إبراهيم، توفي 961؟

before 350 before 961 Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 1

Relationships with other works | 15


ضياء الحلوم في مختصر شمس العلوم

ابن نشوان، محمد بن نشوان، توفي 1213

before 610 before 1213 Single work   ➥ Early work

Relationships with other works | 2


al-Fāʾiq fī ġarīb al-ḥadīṯ

al-Zamaḫšarī, Maḥmūd ibn ʿUmar, 1075‒1144

516 1122 Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 2

Relationships with other works | 35


Fiqh al-luġa wa sirr al-ʿarabiyya

al-Ṯaʿālibī, ʿAbd al-Malik ibn Muḥammad ibn Ismāʿīl (Abū Manṣūr), 961?‒1037?

al-Mīkālī, ʿUbayd Allāh ibn Aḥmad ibn ʿAlī, died 1045

It is considered one of the most interesting books on the subject of Arabic language, as it helps the reader to discover the true beauty of the language and the richness of its terminology. It consists of two parts preceded by an introduction in which the author talks about the merits of the Arabic language and the justification for its choice. As for the first part, it is entitled "Fiqh al-luġa" ... more

5th century 11th century Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 9

Relationships with other works | 11


al-Qāmūs al-muḥīṭ

al-Fīrūzābādī, Muḥammad ibn Yaʿqūb, 1328‒1415

before 817 before 1414 Single work   ➥ Early work : Editions | 6 ; Translations | 1

Relationships with other works | 35

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